Hike and Fly Gear, What I’m Currently Carrying


The following is a quick rundown on the gear I’m currently using while traveling through the mountains on foot. Everything is going inside my home made 13 Oz silicone nylon pack which is holding up pretty well all things considered. More on that soon hopefully. I’m currently carrying an OR helium biivy sack and a home made silicone nylon tarp for shelter. The tarp has snaps along one edge so it doubles as an excellent rain poncho. I’ve downsized to a 2/3 length small neoair light thermarest. I’ve been a bit uncomfortable some times so I’m not sure it’s worth the 4 oz. weight savings over my full sized pad of the same type. This trip I’ve forgone carrying my 2 lb REI flash down sleeping bag and I’m using my glider for warmth in the bivy. It’s a hassle to set up and a little snug but it’s quite warm. The glider gets a little wet with condensation in the bivy but it usually gets aired out with a flight a few hours later. With the tarp setup I usually sleep with my head out of the bivy so this minimizes condensation on the inside. I can take the foam padding out of either harness I’m using and use it for a pretty comfortable pillow. For electronics a gopro camera, a delorme 2 way satellite communicator and my Samsung galaxy S5 Active come with me. The phone doubles as a decent camera and a flight instrument. I also have a tiny flyte park audio-only vario. To keep everything charged I’ve been carrying a 6 and a 2 amp Jackery USB battery. I’ve also had a 4 port USB wall charger although it died recently so I’m using a couple single port chargers at the moment. At the moment I don’t have a water filter although I have wished I did. I have a Sawyer mini filter coming over with a friend that I plan to carry in the race if I’m going to be away from van support. I drink out of a lot of streams but water sources are scarcer in the Pyrenees than I’m used to and it would be nice to have the option to make dirty water into safe drinking water. This would also mean carrying less water which is often the heaviest thing in my pack besides my glider. As it is I just fill my 3 liter camelbak high or close to springs when I can’t get tap water. I’m travelling with 1 each long and short sleeved icebreaker light merino wool shirts. The short sleeved one is for hiking in and gets sweated in a lot where as the long sleeved one is what I change into for flying or warmth. The short sleeved shirt gets rinsed out at night when I take a shower and after I wring it out it becomes a make shift towel to dry me off. A light down jacket and a ultralight bicycling shell keep me fairly warm. For my hands I have a pair of light knit glove liners I wear whenever flying and a pair of light windproof shell gloves for when my hands get cold at cloudbase. I just have 1 pair of shorts so when I o laundry I have to find a towel to wear for a couple hours. I have 4 pairs of wool socks; 3 light crew style and 1 mid weight for warmth.  Sun block and some minimalist toiletries, first aid and blister care, plus some duct tape an hand sewing supplies round out the kit. As usual I carry a chico bags cloth shopping bag to keep my food in as well as a spork an small pocket knife, and a bic lighter just in case. My Black Diamond carbon Z trekking poles help my arms propel me up hills and double as tent stakes for the tarp as well as a selfie stick for the gopro. I’ve been aiming to stock up with 2 days of food whenever I have the opportunity and so far I haven’t gone hungry although the food bag has been pretty much empty when I’ve gotten to a store.

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