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I’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone that donated to support my journey to the 2016 X-Pyr. I hope you enjoyed following along online and through my blog. I still have lots of cool videos, photos, and stories to share so keep an eye out here and on my social media.

Coming up I will be starting a fund raising drive for the Redbull X-Alps 2017. Watch my social media for more info. In the mean time check out my awesome sponsors below who are supporting me in my journey to the Alps!

If you’d like to make a donation now just click the paypal donate button here on my blog (scroll down if you’re on a smart phone). I’ll put your name on the list of contributors below. If you have a paypal account you can save me some fees by sending a “friends and family transfer” to the email address listed in the next paragraph.

Donations are not currently tax deductible. I will be working on setting up an avenue for tax deductible donations. Please contact me at if this would be helpful to you.

If your business would like to sponsor me please contact me so we can talk about promotional options for you.


Superfly Paragliding

Hydro Flask

Broad Leaf Farm

Growing Washington


2016 X-Pyr Contributors

Owen Shoemaker
Nigel Mayberry
TJ Sopher
Jared Lyman
Rosa Heuvelmans
Eleonor Ugay
 Harry Siempelkamp
Derek Baylor
Ruaraidh Stenson
Aaron Price
Chris Amonson
Robert Brockie
Gregory Sadowy
Justin Martin
Jamie Fullerton
Kevin Ault
Ray Moldovan
Nathanael Mokry
Matty Senior – 300 Peaks Paragliding
Broad Leaf Farm
Judi Aversano
Matt Amend
Paul Kunzl
Jennifer Amend
Chris Irish
Howard Nebeck
Mary Armstrong
Tom and Irma Leahy
Doug MacSparran
Kirk Shoopman
Bjorn Bjornstad
Jiri Richter
Adventure Menu
Maxim Kazitov
Roger Brock
 Riza Manzala
Brian Franklin
Lisa Flick
Oliver Wang
Claire Flick
Renske Wolfs
Lori Dirks
Julie Williams
Honza Rejmanek
Sabrina Krewin
Don Fitch
Lindsay Holden
Iain Frew  
John Schnebeck 
Tom Allen
Dale Chenault
Northwest Paragliding Club
Ellen Thompson
Carolyn Servid
Janice LeCocq

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