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Hey Everybody, I’m thrilled to be heading to the world’s biggest paraglider adventure race, the Red Bull X-Alps 2017 edition! After a solid 5th place finish in the Spanish X-Pyr race last summer, my supporter Pavel and I are amped to head to Austria to race through the epic arena of the Alps. The route is longer than ever, 1138 km, or 707 miles of course line, zigzagging from Salzburg, over the highest mountains in Europe, to the finish raft floating in the Mediterranean. 

We’re tremendously excited about this epic challenge, but a race of this magnitude isn’t cheap. From weather experts to support vehicles, speeding tickets to stockpiles of food, we need your help to race our fastest against the best paraglider pilots in the world. We’ll be throwing down our best game every step and thermal of the way, and I promise you it’s even more exciting to watch the live tracking lines squiggle across the race map once you’ve joined the race as a sponsor of team USA-2! Your generous donation can be made by clicking the yellow donate button (sidebar on desktops, bottom of page on mobile phones) where you can use your credit card or paypal to send us flying along to Monaco!

If you have a paypal account you can save us some fees by simply sending a friends and family transfer via paypal to me. Put as the recipient. If you would like to promote your business through sponsorship contact me at this email address.

Something else to consider if you have an employer who matches charitable contributions, or if you would like to make a tax deductible donation, is checking out It’s a shared fundraising team I formed with the 2 other US X-Alps competitors. We’ll be splitting the donations between the 3 US teams and we have some great prizes. Donations are collected by the Foundation for Free Flight which is a 501c3 so you can get full tax and matching benefits.

The way The Red Bull X-Alps works is simple but magnificent. I have to travel the 707 mile course either flying my paraglider, or on foot, carrying my paraglider. My supporter Pavel Cibulka will follow me in our team van to keep me fed and and supplied. I can sleep in the van but but neither the van nor any other mechanized transport can move me, not ski lifts, not even roller skates. I have to pass through the 7 turnpoints in the course which forces me to cross the highest mountains in Europe several times. In between the turnpoints I get to figure out the fastest route which will require intense strategy to find the most efficient flying or hiking option. The pilots who fly the best generally do the best in the race but being able to move fast on the ground is tremendously important too. This is the pinnacle of hike-and-fly paragliding and this race has single handedly redefined what is possible with a backpack full of ripstop nylon. Red Bull covers the race very well with many live updates as well as an excellent live tracking site that is so detailed you can see pilots turning circles in thermals on your computer anywhere in the world. You can read all about it at


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2017 Redbull X-Alps Contributors

George Barta
Jiri Richter
Jamie Fullerton
Lori Dirks
Gregory Ignatov
Jeff Slotta
Tom Keefer
Roger Brock
Lukasz Misiuda
Nathanael Mokri
Oliver Wang
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